Easy, tiger: study maps big cats' personalities

Ask any pet owner if their beloved companion has a personality and you'll most often get an emphatic "yes". But now tiger researchers can nod along too—a study published Wednesday reveals that the world's largest felines ...

Scientists reveal an unexpected gene in transparent worms

In new research published in Nature Communications, Emily Spaulding, Ph.D. and Dustin Updike, Ph.D. reveal the homolog of a well-known human protein, Nucleolin, in the tiny, transparent roundworm, C. elegans.

What ancient dung reveals about Epipaleolithic animal tending

Tiny crystals in ancient animal dung serve as key evidence in a new analysis suggesting the possibility that hunter-gatherers at Abu Hureyra, Syria, may have tended small numbers of animals just outside their dwellings between ...

Sterile mice produce rat sperm

Researchers generated rat sperm cells inside sterile mice using a technique called blastocyst complementation. The advance appears August 4 in the journal Stem Cell Reports.

Piecing thylacine DNA back together

The DNA of extinct species is providing a window into their biology, evolution, and natural history. However, after an animal's death, its DNA invariably breaks into tiny pieces, making it difficult to computationally reconstruct.

Monkeys go fishing to survive harsh Japanese winters

Snow monkeys living in one of the world's coldest regions survive by 'going fishing' – scooping live animals, including brown trout, out of Japanese rivers and eating them to stay alive, a new study reveals.

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