Identifying the best chickpea crops for cattle feed

While hummus used to be an exotic spread enjoyed only in the Middle East, it has become a staple in grocery stores throughout the world. Recently, the savory dish has gained popularity amongst a new fan base: herds of cows.

Improving assessments of an endangered lion population in India

An alternative method for monitoring endangered lions in India could improve estimates of their abundance and help inform conservation policy and management decisions. Keshab Gogoi and colleagues at the Wildlife Institute ...

High-def mapping of moisture in the soil

Soil moisture is easy to see when your favorite Little Leaguer slides into second base the day after a big summer storm. The mud splattered on that little hustler's uniform tells the story.

The microstructure of paracetamol

Infrared (IR) microspectroscopy at the Australian Synchrotron provided insights into the molecular orientation inside the microstructure of a particular form of paracetamol (form II), which contributed to better water solubility ...

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