Image: California and Oregon fires still blazing

Smoke is still spewing from the Klondike and Natchez fires both of which began from lightning strikes on July 15, 2018 in Oregon and California.  Over 1000 lightning strikes landed in southwest Oregon in the middle of July ...

Tough nuts, cracked in a smart way

Welding, printing, crushing concrete – an Empa team monitors noisy processes with the help of artificial intelligence. This way you can literally hear production errors and imminent accidents.

Ferocious Ferguson fire in California threatens Mariposa—again

One year ago today residents of Mariposa, California, the largest town bordering Yosemite National Park, were evacuated due to the threat of the Detwiler Fire.  Although thate fire burned thousands of acres and scorched ...

How far away was that lightning?

You probably do it. It might be ingrained from when you were a kid, and now it's almost automatic. You see the flash of lightning – and you immediately start counting the seconds till it thunders.

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