Ra-Pict prototyping bringing archaeology alive

3D scanners, 3D printers and even new smartphone technology is being used by University of Aberdeen archaeologists to enhance teaching and public engagement of the discipline.

Damping waves with 50,000 rubber grass blades

Dimitris Dermentzoglou, PhD student in Coastal Engineering, is investigating whether salt marshes can serve as a natural solution for coastal protection. It is why he mimics salt marsh vegetation at the TU Delft Waterlab. ...

New laser scanning test to assess fire-damaged concrete

Engineering research at The University of Nottingham, UK and Ningbo, China (UNNC) has found laser scanning is a new and viable structural safety technique to detect the damaging effects of fire on concrete.

Radar with 360° vision

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine industry without robots. Safety laser scanners mostly safeguard dangerous areas and protect people from collisions. But optical sensors have their limitations, for instance when plastic ...

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