Land-cover maps of Europe from the cloud

Earth's land is covered by a range of different types of vegetation, from forest and marsh to crops and bodies of water, as well as the artificial surfaces that are an increasingly common feature of our landscape.

A cooler home is right in your own back yard

Urban trees are an effective tool for reducing land surface temperatures for entire suburbs, and even cities. But as yet we don't know much about their localized effects, particularly in the places where cooling is most important—our ...

Bean tree plan to protect Amazon

Amazon deforestation could be slowed by planting bean trees that would keep soils fertile and help smallholders make a living.

Building water-efficient cities

How much water single-family residences use is closely related to a community's built environment, according to a University of Arizona-led study. In particular, design factors such as vegetated land cover, housing density ...

Forest loss in Brazil contributing to rising temperatures

A global team of scientists including researchers from The University of Western Australia and the United States has found deforestation in the Brazilian Amazaon-Cerrado region is causing temperatures to rise in areas as ...

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