All regions experienced water extremes in 2021: UN

All regions of the world saw water extremes last year—both floods and droughts—and billions of people had insufficient freshwater, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Earth from Space: Santiago, Chile

Santiago lies in the center of Chile's most densely populated region, the Santiago Metropolitan Region, with a population around eight million, of which five million live in the city's urban area. Santiago is spread over ...

Carbon capture potential of agroforestry and trees on farms

Increased use of trees in agriculture can pave the way toward a transformation of the global food system, according to a new study released in May. Scientists have found that even small incremental increases in global tree ...

Capturing carbon with crops, trees and bioenergy

An integrated approach to land management practices in the U.S. can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere far more than earlier estimates based on separate approaches, Michigan State University researchers say. Their research ...

Lifting the clouds on land clearing and biodiversity loss

QUT researchers have developed a new machine learning mathematical system that helps to identify and detect changes in biodiversity, including land clearing, when satellite imagery is obstructed by clouds.

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