Small Arctic coastal waterbodies, with big carbon release

Arctic coastal watersheds are some of the most threatened regions on Earth, having undergone substantial climatic, physical and biological changes with the warming of the Earth, scientists have found.

Remote sensing applied to estimate lake clarity in China

Water quality and trophic state evaluation of inland waters is important, as they are crucial water resources for drinking, industrial and agricultural use. Secchi disk depth (SD) is usually adopted as a reliable proxy for ...

Great Lakes get extra funds for cleanups, invasive species

Additional funds provided by Congress for Great Lakes environmental improvements will be used to hasten cleanups of highly toxic sites and step up work on other longstanding forms of pollution, federal officials said Thursday.

Image: Lake-effect snowfall in the Great Lakes and New York

A powerful winter storm, with lake-effect snow, brought blizzard conditions to New York last week and buried the area surrounding the Great Lakes under a blanket of snow. Days of strong winds, with speeds of over 90 km/h, ...

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