Building a global system to measure sustainable cities

A new series launched today in The Lancet Global Health provides the building blocks for a global standard to measure the sustainability of cities worldwide and to assess policy to make cities healthier and more sustainable.

Svalbard's Arctic heritage is threatened by climate change

Cultural heritage sites are irreplaceable sources of historical information, providing insight into the social, religious, and economic life of our ancestors. They are important markers of identity, and constitute attractions ...

How the pandemic has impacted environmental field research

Field stations and marine laboratories (FSMLs) serve as great drivers of research, monitoring, and learning about our world. However, FSMLs across the globe are facing major cutbacks and even closure due to COVID-19 pandemic-driven ...

Onion genome finally reveals its secrets

Wageningen research enables faster development of new resilient varieties. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) have unraveled the onion genome. This will speed up the ability of plant breeders to develop ...

Children explain their food insecurity woes

The cruel realities of childhood food insecurity bit hard during COVID-19, when hardships magnified existing problems for families feeling economic pressure.

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