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Why the 'extreme intoxication' defence is dangerous for women

"Extreme intoxication" is used as a defense by people who commit crimes of violence after becoming highly intoxicated. If successful, the defense results in full acquittal. An aggressor will not be held criminally responsible ...

How to keep your pets safe from marijuana poisoning

If you live with a pet, there is a good chance you consider it to be a member of your family. It is well established that companion animals, ranging from cats and dogs through to birds and rodents, can have a positive health ...

Diving dolphins are exhalation champions

Every air-breathing marine mammal faces a multitude of challenges as it dives beneath the waves: carbon dioxide and nitrogen accumulation in the blood can cause intoxication and decompression sickness, while low internal ...

'Causal overdetermination' provides middle ground for courts

A disagreement among state courts on the subject of drunk-driving homicide can be resolved by requiring the prosecution to prove in these cases not that the driver's intoxication caused the fatal accident, but merely that ...

A cure for the common hangover?

(—In a discovery that could derail the popular "Hangover" movie franchise, a team of researchers led by UCLA engineers has identified a method for speeding up the body's reaction to the consumption of alcohol.

Alcoholic fly larvae need fix for learning

Fly larvae fed on alcohol-spiked food for a period of days grow dependent on those spirits for learning. The findings, reported in Current Biology on November 29, show how overuse of alcohol can produce lasting changes in ...

Boozy birds pay the price for 'flying high'

A bizarre spate of young blackbird deaths at a school in England was likely caused by the feathered teens getting drunk on fermented berries, crashing mid-air and falling from the sky, according to vets.

Key lessons from history on alcohol taxes

Steep rises in taxes on alcohol do not necessarily reduce consumption, according to research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) into the history of intoxicants in 16th and 17th England.

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