A cheap and fully optical solution for ultra-fast internet

Blisteringly fast Internet speeds, more robust connections and a big increase in network capacity at little extra cost, even in rural areas? It's the sort of fantasy that keeps telecommunication company executives and bandwidth-hungry ...

Google buys IBM patents to beef up portfolio

Google has bought more than 1,000 technology patents from IBM as the Internet giant seeks to build up its portfolio and head off potential intellectual property suits.

Internet body meets on domain names, IP addresses

ICANN, the international regulatory body for Web architecture, met here Monday to discuss expanding the list of top level domain names and a new generation of Internet protocol addresses.

Multi-university collaboration to re-engineer internet

Dr. Antonio Nicolosi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology is part of the interdisciplinary Nebula Project, a multi-university collaboration led by the University of Pennsylvania, which ...

A community-centric approach to automated service composition

In recent years, the Internet has been evolving from a primarily publication platform to a user participatory platform. With the proliferation of services available on the Internet, millions of users are able to voluntarily ...

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