Lipid droplets as endogenous intracellular microlenses

With the demand in real-time monitoring of endoplasmic variations and rapid detection of extracellular signals, a great number of approaches to bioimaging have been developed. The past few decades have witnessed a dramatic ...

Study: Machine learning a useful tool for quantum control

In the everyday world, we can perform measurements with nearly unlimited precision. But in the quantum world—the realm of atoms, electrons, photons, and other tiny particles—this becomes much harder. Every measurement ...

Discovering exoplanets using artificial intelligence

By implementing artificial intelligence techniques similar to those used in autonomous cars, a team from the UNIGE and the UniBE, in partnership with the company Disaitek, has discovered a new method for detecting exoplanets.

Recycling robot could help solve soft plastic waste crisis

Despite an improvement in plastic recycling in recent years, landfill is a growing issue. Soft plastics like cling wrap and plastic bags are a major contributor to the problem, with 94 percent going to landfill in 2016-17.

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