Scientists agree, the media is biased against wasps

Wasp scientists around the globe agree that media coverage of wasps skews negative and almost entirely overlooks their beneficial attributes, reports a team led by UCL researchers.

Fewer insects hitting your car windscreen? Here's why

Every summer for almost the last 20 years, volunteers from the Kent Wildlife Trust and Buglife, both in the UK, have been tracking car number plates. But not in the the way you might think. Their inspections aim to register ...

How air pollution is making life tougher for bugs

Whether you love them or loathe them, we all depend on bugs. Insects help to pollinate three-quarters of the world's crop varieties, making them a treasured resource.

Human activities appear to drive insect declines in Europe

A review of 82 previously published studies of two major groups of insect species underscores reported declines in insect populations in Europe, and links these declines to human activities that influence insect habitats.

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