Vessel strikes drive large whale strandings

Increased whale strandings on the east coast of the United States remain a concern for biologists and citizens alike. Why this increase has occurred over a number of years is still being debated.

Future climate impacts put humpback whale diet at risk

A new study led by Griffith University predicts that future climate change impacts could disrupt the krill-heavy diet that humpback whales in the southern hemisphere consume. The study, "No distinct local cuisines among humpback ...

Are we really about to talk to whales?

The past decade has seen an explosion of new research into some of the most fascinating sounds in the sea: the vocalizations of whales and dolphins.

How whales struggle to navigate in a sea of noise pollution

In 1490, Leonardo da Vinci wrote, "If you cause your ship to stop and place the head of a long tube in the water and place the outer extremity to your ear, you will hear ships at a great distance from you."

Whale of a tail: Scientists track unique humpback 'fingerprint'

In Antarctica, a scientist waits patiently for two frolicking humpback whales to poke their tails out of the icy waters so she can take a photographic "fingerprint" of the unique colors and patterns that allow researchers ...

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