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Uncovering the underlying patterns in contemporary evolution

Wild populations must continuously adapt to environmental changes or risk extinction. For more than fifty years, scientists have described instances of "rapid evolution" in specific populations as their traits (phenotypes) ...

Can we feed billions without wrecking the planet?

We are now producing more food more efficiently than ever, and there is plenty to go around for a human population of 7 billion. But it is coming at a drastic cost in environmental degradation, and the bounty is not reaching ...

New tool predicts where coronavirus binds to human proteins

A computational tool allows researchers to precisely predict locations on the surfaces of human and COVID-19 viral proteins that bind with each other, a breakthrough that will greatly benefit our understanding of the virus ...

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found by River Cam

Researchers are highlighting the importance of basic personal hygiene, such as hand washing, after finding significant levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in wild bird feces at locations close to the River Cam in Cambridgeshire.

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