Researchers uncover a feasible biomarker for coffee consumption

Millions of people around the world drink coffee every day. The beverage contains a large number of bioactive substances, and its health effects on the human metabolism are therefore frequently subjects of scientific studies. ...

Norway salmon farms turn to veggie menu

Norway's fish farms are feeding their salmon an increasingly vegetarian diet in order to make their businesses more sustainable, but for these carnivorous pink-fleshed fish, all is not rosy.

Why South Korea is banning the sale of dog meat

The South Korean dog meat trade will officially end in 2027 after a bill was passed making the slaughter of dogs and the sale of dog meat for human consumption illegal in the country (though the consumption of dog meat will ...

Novel food regulations are a barrier for edible insects

Edible insects could be the key to a more sustainable food system, yet food regulations could be restricting alternative environmentally friendly sources of protein for consumers, a new report has found.

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