More pets being poisoned by cannabis

With marijuana now legal in many U.S. states, some veterinarians are seeing more cases of cannabis poisoning in dogs and other pets, according to a new survey.

Can insects get fat?

Insects don't have time to laze about—that's probably why we say someone is "as busy as a bee." But would an overfed and underactive bug find itself putting on weight like we do? We put this question to insect expert Erlend ...

Heatwave hotspots linked to urban agglomerations in Africa

Due to global warming, heatwave events will likely cause severe damage to natural ecosystems and human society. Urban areas are at higher risk owing to the significant economic activities carried out there and the populations ...

European diets need to change to reduce climate impact

The amount of poultry in European diets isn't conducive to an optimal circular food system, which prioritizes crops that produce healthy foods while reducing or reusing waste streams, a new Cornell University research finds.

Report highlights urgent need to end bottom trawling

The recent explosion of public interest in marine fisheries—driven in large part by the controversial success of Seaspiracy—has put the fishing industry firmly in the global spotlight, but has also highlighted how complex ...

Taking Australia's homegrown superfood mainstream

Lupins have long been touted as the next superfood, combatting heart disease, diabetes and obesity and new research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) has taken an important step to make that a reality.

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