World must act to stem surge of polluting trash, UN warns

The world generated 2.3 billion tonnes of municipal waste last year and the pile of trash is set to grow another two-thirds by 2050, the UN said Wednesday, warning of devastating costs for health, economies and the environment.

Report: Climate change is threatening health globally

The effects of climate change are killing people and negatively affecting the health of more and more people in the world. The growing health threats could worsen if we do not urgently address climate change. Even at a global ...

Climate negotiators reach framework to aid vulnerable countries

Global climate negotiators reached a framework for a fund to help vulnerable nations deal with loss and damage from increasingly extreme weather, though the breakthrough was marred by sparring over exactly how the program ...

Scientists unlock the secrets of a sixth basic flavor

Japanese scientist Kikunae Ikeda first proposed umami as a basic taste—in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter—in the early 1900s. About eight decades later, the scientific community officially agreed with him.

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