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African stats 'a numbers game' -- study

( -- International development and aid groups are making decisions and distributing funds to African nations based on national statistics that are incomplete and untrustworthy, says Simon Fraser University economic ...

dateJan 17, 2012 in Social Sciences
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Historian follows the guns

The geo-political map of the world changed many times through the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries but historian Brian DeLay sees a fresh narrative to help make sense of this transformation. At the center of it are characters ...

dateAug 11, 2011 in Other
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Did William Wallace aspire to be King of Scotland?

( -- Historians from the University of Glasgow have found evidence to show that, as far as the English were concerned, Scots patriot and hero William Wallace aspired to be King of Scotland.

dateMay 16, 2011 in Other
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A match of climate and history

Ancient Roman poetry and climate science may seem to have little in common, but a recent collaboration between a Harvard historian and European climate scientists highlights the potential for the two fields to illuminate ...

dateApr 08, 2011 in Environment
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