Illuminating a biological light switch

Using an innovative new imaging technique, researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine have revealed the inner workings of a family of light-sensing molecules in unprecedented detail and speed. The work could inform new strategies ...

Swimming mechanics of the gossamer worm revealed

Many animals in the midwater—the vast expanse of water between the surface and the deep seafloor—are always on the move. Unlike its bottom-dwelling kin, the gossamer worm (Tomopteris sp.) lives in constant motion. This ...

Pandemic restrictions enable unique bird study

How do birds avoid collision when flying in dense foliage and other cramped environments with many obstacles? And what does flying in such complex environments entail for the birds? These were the questions Per Henningsson ...

Complex fluid dynamics may explain hydroplaning

When a vehicle travels over a wet or flooded road, water builds up in front of the tire and generates a lift force. In a phenomenon known as hydroplaning, this force can become large enough to lift the vehicle off the ground.

'Matador' guppies trick predators

Trinidadian guppies behave like matadors, focusing a predator's point of attack before dodging away at the last moment, new research shows.

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