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New insights into neutron star matter

An international research team has for the first time combined data from heavy-ion experiments, gravitational wave measurements and other astronomical observations using advanced theoretical modeling to more precisely constrain ...

Astronomers find 'gold standard' star in Milky Way

In our sun's neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy is a relatively bright star, and in it, astronomers have been able to identify the widest range of elements in a star beyond our solar system yet.

A closer look at Jupiter's origin story

One of the most important open questions in planetary formation theory is the story of Jupiter's origin. Using sophisticated computer modeling, researchers of the University of Zurich (UZH) and the National Centre of Competence ...

New supernova remnant detected by astronomers

Astronomers from Costa Rica and Australia have reported the detection of a new supernova remnant (SNR) by inspecting a gamma-ray source known as FHES J1723.5−0501. The researchers found that this source is an SNR and it ...

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