The landing-site specialist

( -- Gale crater has been sitting just below the equator of Mars, minding its own business, for at least three and half billion years. But in August 2012, a capsule is going to come screaming out of the sky, then ...

Rover arrives at new site on martian surface

( -- After a journey of almost three years, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has reached the Red Planet's Endeavour crater to study rocks never seen before.

Water, Water Everywhere, but Not All Drops Have Life

The search for life on other planets focuses on water, but researchers argue that - judging from our own planet - a large fraction of water conditions may be inhospitable to life.

New Drake equation to quantify habitability?

Researchers from the Open University are laying the groundwork for a new equation that could mathematically quantify a habitat's potential for hosting life, in a similar way to how the Drake equation estimates the number ...

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