FDA approves monoclonal antibody to treat arthritis in cats

Arthritis can keep a cat from doing many of the things that kitties love to do. But now there's hope: The first treatment to ease arthritis pain in cats has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Rainy days harm the economy: study

Economic growth goes down when the number of wet days and days with extreme rainfall go up, a team of Potsdam scientists finds. Rich countries are most severely affected and herein the manufacturing and service sectors, according ...

The secret drivers of tree growth

Most trees live in symbiosis with fungi. ETH Zurich researchers show just how important this partnership is for tree growth through the first-ever comprehensive data analysis compiled for European forests on a massive scale.

What Nigerian cities can do to cope better with flood risk

Flooding is one of the most prevalent and devastating disasters in Nigerian cities. It happens every year in many states of Nigeria. And it has significant social and economic impacts. In 2010, approximately 1550 people died ...

A crab's-eye view of the ancient world

Their legs may get more attention, but a new study says a crab's eyes have much to offer, too—at least scientifically.

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Growth refers to an increase in some quantity over time. The quantity can be physical (e.g., growth in height, growth in an amount of money) or abstract (e.g., a system becoming more complex, an organism becoming more mature). It can also refer to the mode of growth, i.e. numeric models for describing how much a particular quantity grows over time.


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