14 dead, 70,000 displaced in Malaysian floods

The Malaysian military used boats Tuesday to distribute food to desperate people trapped in their homes after massive floods, as the death toll rose to 14 with over 70,000 displaced.

Weather, ocean currents key to fish spawning in Micronesia

Larval fish are spawned in a given location and may be recruited into their next life stage—larger, older fish—in the same place or a distant location. The recruitment of rabbitfish in Guam and groupers in Palau has historically ...

Brazil hails reduction in Amazon deforestation in July

Brazil on Friday hailed figures showing a reduction in July of deforestation that has spooked international investors, though environmentalists warned it was too early to proclaim success.

When should we reopen the economy?

The U.S. risks hurting the economy more than helping it if the economy is restarted before mid-June, new research shows.

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