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'Like a waterfall': deadly Italian storms spark climate debate

At least 10 people died and four were missing after an extraordinary thunderstorm sparked major flooding in central Italy, officials said Friday, pushing the issue of climate change up the agenda the week before elections.

Why it's not anti-environmental to be in favor of economic growth

In the midst of today's cost of living crisis, many people who are critical of the idea of economic growth see an opportunity. In their recent book The Future is Degrowth, for example, prominent advocates Matthias Schmelzer, ...

Tropical wetlands emit more methane than previously thought

Since 2007, the world's atmospheric methane concentration has risen at an accelerated rate, but scientists aren't exactly sure why. This is a problem, because methane is a particularly potent greenhouse gas. It has more than ...

UN sums up climate science: world heading in wrong direction

With weather disasters costing $200 million a day and irreversible climate catastrophe looming, the world is "heading in the wrong direction," the United Nations says in a new report that pulls together the latest science ...

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