Well-preserved homo erectus skull discovered in Eastern China

Scientists have discovered a "well-preserved" Homo erectus skull, teeth and other skull bones at the Hualongdong archaeological site in Zhongzhi County of Anhui Province, eastern China, as announced in a news conference on ...

Extinct giant kangaroos may have been hop-less

Now extinct giant kangaroos most likely could not hop and used a more rigid body posture to move their hindlimbs one at a time, according to a study published October 15, 2014 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Christine ...

S.Africa rhino poaching up, with 277 killed this year

Rhino poaching is on the rise in South Africa, with 277 of the endangered animals killed this year despite government attempts to clamp down on poaching, the environment ministry said Wednesday.

Baby panda born at Vienna zoo by natural conception

The Vienna zoo on Thursday made a birth announcement: Yang Yang and her mate Long Hui are the proud parents of another baby panda, the third one born by natural conception.

Size matters for creatures of cold polar waters

Scientists at the Universities of Liverpool, Plymouth, and Radboud, Netherlands, have challenged the view that giant animals are found in polar seas because of a superabundance of oxygen in cold water.

Giant Australian animals were not wiped out by climate change

(Phys.org) —Researchers have ruled out climate change as the cause of extinction of most of Australia's giant animals, including giant kangaroos, three metre-tall flightless birds and the Tasmanian tiger, around 50,000 ...

Red panda goes missing from US zoo

The National Zoo in Washington put out an all-points bulletin via Twitter on Monday after one of its raccoon-like red pandas went missing.

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