Warming world dampening winter sports in Canada

Christmas was without snow, then temperatures seesawed throughout January in much of Canada, as the increasing effects of climate change drastically dampen the country's winter sports season.

Mapping the sun's interaction with Mercury's surface

A new study maps the infall of protons and electrons from the solar wind to geographical location on the surface of Mercury, giving scientists new insight into how interactions with the sun alters the surface and produces ...

New research shows link between climate change and immune health

Climate change may be impacting our immune systems, a study from the University of Bergen, Norway, shows. This research brings into focus the intricate interplay between environmental factors, microbial communities and their ...

For kids on summer break, Canada's wildfire smoke hits hard

For many Canadian parents, the start of the summer holidays is turning into a headache, as thick wildfire smoke forces them to check air quality indices the same way they might normally check the weather forecast.

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