Endangered bird rediscovered in Victoria

Although there is known to be a very small population in South Australia, the bird had not been seen or heard in Victoria for around 40 years.

Neanderthals may have been carnivores, according to new study

A new study published on October 17 in the journal PNAS, led by a CNRS researcher, has for the first time used zinc isotope analysis to determine the position of Neanderthals in the food chain. Their findings suggest that ...

Major map of lightning strikes produced

A comprehensive map of lightning strikes on the UK and Ireland over the last 12 years has been produced by experts at the University of Portsmouth to help weather forecasters, local councils and members of the public to better ...

Scientists sleuth out an elusive plant pathogen in Mexico

For years, scientists and online databases presumed the presence of clubroot—one of the main diseases on cruciferous crops (such as broccoli, cabbage, and kale)—in Mexico. However, no evidence to support this supposition ...

Social media boycott of Goya Foods did not harm sales

Calls for a boycott of Goya Foods products in 2020 actually caused the company's nationwide sales to rise for a few weeks before subsiding to previous levels, according to new Cornell research.

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