'Landmark' study probes crucial phase of embryo development

An unprecedented glimpse of the human embryo at an early stage of development has provided critical clues on how undifferentiated cells become the specialized ones of which we are made, researchers reported on Wednesday.

Why no tusks? Poaching tips scales of elephant evolution

A hefty set of tusks is usually an advantage for elephants, allowing them to dig for water, strip bark for food and joust with other elephants. But during episodes of intense ivory poaching, those big incisors become a liability.

New breakthrough in research using insect exoskeletons

Research into insect species can benefit from genetic studies. However, genetic samples can often be difficult to collect in a non-invasive manner, especially when the insects are only found in a particular location or are ...

DNA from sediment reveals epic history of Denisova Cave

In a landmark study, scientists from Australia, Germany and Russia have used ancient DNA recovered from sediment samples from Denisova Cave in Siberia to reveal a detailed occupational history of this unique site by three ...

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