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More gender segregation in jobs means more harassment, lower pay

A new paper in The Quarterly Journal of Economics, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that people who are the gender minority in their workplace are more likely to experience sexual harassment. This harassment ...

Do personality traits and social norms impact the gender pay gap?

Despite increasing female employment and diminishing differences between men and women in career expectations, the gender pay gap is persistent. An analysis in the Journal of Economic Surveys that included 39 relevant studies ...

Gender in geosciences: The leaky pipeline needs fixing

Hacking through the jungle. An uphill battle. Being the Road Runner but on an ice-skating rink. These are just some of the ways a woman's career path in geosciences is described by those working in the field.

Culture change needed for women in COVID-19 era

As Brazil reels from the impact of COVID-19, a "profound cultural change" is needed to stop women bearing the brunt of the crisis, says the head of biomedical research institute Fiocruz.

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