Danish Zoo hopes to ignite panda romance

Concerned that its two pandas are slow to breed, Copenhagen Zoo has begun a new strategy to encourage mating—giving the prospective couple more time to get to know each other.

How trees cope with late spring frosts

Due to climate change, many deciduous trees leaf-out earlier. However, the risk of late spring frosts remains high and the frequency of extreme droughts is clearly increasing. Tree species able to quickly recover after frost ...

Solving the mystery of frost hiding on Mars

A new study using data from NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter may explain why Martian frost can be invisible to the naked eye and why dust avalanches appear on some slopes.

Can flaming torches really save a vineyard from frost?

There are many things that a vintner can control—where to establish a vineyard, which varieties to plant, when to apply water and fertilizer. But the weather is not one of them. Earlier this year, EUR 2bn worth of wine ...

Using machine learning to predict a ground frost

Machine learning can be used to forecast when a geographical region might have a ground frost, according to new work published in the International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems. Weather forecasting for a ...

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