US court weighs school discipline for Web posts

(AP) -- A U.S. appeals court heard arguments Thursday over whether school officials can discipline students for making lewd, harassing or juvenile Internet postings from off-campus computers.

Ohio high court narrowly interprets anti-porn law

(AP) -- The Ohio Supreme Court has narrowly interpreted a state law aimed to protecting children from online pornography and predators, delivering a blow to free-speech advocates who want it thrown out as unconstitutional.

Research calls for a new formula for trade mark protection

Trade mark protection serves the needs of trade mark owners well -- but to the detriment of the consuming public and other traders and rivals, says a new study from the University of Leicester.

Apple sued for stifling iPod tricks

Internet rights champions have accused Apple of stifling free speech by bullying OdioWorks into ending online sharing of ways to get iPods to work with music websites other than iTunes.

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