Editing light-emitting organic molecules via surface modification

Many researchers in the field of materials science constantly seek novel and versatile platforms that can be used to tailor materials to match their intended use. One example of this are covalent organic frameworks (COFs), ...

How food production emissions are harming health

While increased agriculture production has reduced hunger, it is also linked to unhealthy diets and increased emissions that are severely affecting human health, says a study.

Striking a balance: Trade-offs shape flower diversity

Flowers come in a multitude of shapes and colors. Now, an international research team led by a researcher from Japan has proposed the novel hypothesis that trade-offs caused by different visitors may play an important role ...

The wildfire one-two: First the burn, then the landslides

After the record-breaking 2020 wildfire season in California, the charred landscapes throughout the state faced elevated risks of landslides and other postfire hazards. Wildfires burn away the plant canopy and leaf litter ...

New study aims to better utilize community-developed data

In recent years, community science—also known as citizen science—has become a global phenomenon, engaging millions of people through wildlife observation platforms like iNaturalist and contributing unparalleled amounts ...

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