Sony booming in India on strong brand image

(AP) -- Sony is doing booming business in India, dominating in flat-panel TVs and digital cameras, and is in good shape to keep growing in coming years, a top executive said Friday.

Analysts: LCD TV sales to fall for first time

(AP) -- A research firm says shipments of LCD flat-panel TVs will fall this year from the year before, the first such decline since the popularity of such TVs took off in 2006.

3-D TV sets still viewed skeptically by many

While most TV buyers are still reluctant to dip into 3-D, David Cullers took the plunge in April, spending about $3,000 for a 55-inch Samsung LED LCD, with a 3-D Blu-ray player.

TV makers ready to test depths of market for 3-D

(AP) -- This is supposedly the year 3-D television becomes the hot new thing: Updated sets and disc players are coming out, and 3-D cable channels are in the works. But it's not clear the idea will reach out and grab mainstream ...

Sony optimistic on 3-D TVs, in-house display

(AP) -- A third to a half of the Sony Corp. TV sets sold annually will be packed with 3-D features by the year ending March 2013, a senior executive said Thursday.

Panasonic, Sanyo win EU takeover approval

(AP) -- Panasonic Corp. and Sanyo Electric Co. must sell off a European plant that makes batteries to win EU antitrust approval for the $9 billion deal creating one of the world's biggest electronics makers, the EU said ...

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