Sparkling beaches: Cyprus has cleanest waters in EU

Tourism in Cyprus got a shot in the arm Tuesday after Europe's environmental watchdog ranked the country first among the European Union's 27 nations for having the cleanest swimming waters.

Over half of UK's arts and cultural venues at risk from pandemic

Over half of the UK's arts and cultural venues and organisations believe they are at risk due to the decline in income during the pandemic, a new study from the University of Sheffield, University of Kent, and the Chartered ...

French winemakers count cost of 'worst frost in decades'

Desperate French farmers counted the cost Friday of several nights of frost this week which threaten to decimate grape harvests in some of the country's best-known and prestigious wine-producing regions.

LGBTQ+ spaces face a new threat from the pandemic

Dedicated spaces have long been crucial to LGBTQ+ people. Whether it's with friends and chosen family, or partners and hook-ups, these places have created joy and belonging while providing care that isn't always available ...

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