UK unveils plan for first 'net-zero' financial hub

Finance minister Rishi Sunak said Wednesday he plans to make Britain the world's first net-zero financial services centre, even as environmental campaigners quickly criticised the proposals.

Responsible investment is not enough to combat climate change

In their new book on responsible investment, Professor Vesa Puttonen and Bachelor of Science Tatu Puttonen state that politicians cannot outsource their responsibility for combating climate change to asset managers and investors. ...

TV ads inspire investment interest, study finds

Stock trading volumes in the United States have soared over the last year and much of it seems to be driven by retail investors. With thousands of stocks to choose from, what factors influence investors' decisions?

Overseas climate change could devastate U.K.

An Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) expert has warned that the effects of climate change overseas could have a potentially devastating impact on the economy here in the UK.

The time to take low-carbon transition risks seriously is now

On February 19, the world's second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, the United States, will rejoin the Paris Agreement. This will kickstart a year of intensifying policy activity ahead of the United Nations Climate Change ...

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