Storm Antoni: Why naming storms is a risky business

Since 2015, the UK's Met Office has used forenames to label storms, as a strategy for improving people's awareness of severe weather warnings. The list of names for the 2023 storm season was compiled in conjunction with the ...

Names Fiona, Ian removed from UN's hurricane roster

The death and destruction caused by Hurricanes Fiona and Ian last year has prompted the UN weather agency to remove the names from a rotating list of storm titles, it said Wednesday.

2020 hurricanes breezing through the alphabet

There have been so many Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms this year that the world is running out of names for them, the United Nations said Tuesday.

Four ways your name can affect your job prospects

What's in a name? A lot, according to research. Your name can have a huge influence on your prospects in life. Much of this is due to bias, stereotyping and other rules of thumb that people employ when making judgments about ...