Protecting our planet: Five strategies for reducing plastic waste

Plastics are ubiquitous in our world, and given that plastic waste can take thousands of years to break down, there's more of it to be found on Earth every single day. Worse yet is the fact that the stuff doesn't easily decompose—it ...

Trying to make fashion friendlier to the environment

That new pair of jeans you've been eyeing won't only cost your wallet but the planet too, and a group of high schoolers want to change that. The Washington State Legislative Youth Advisory Council, composed of 22 high school ...

Investigating microfiber pollution

The fashion industry is facing several growing social and environmental sustainability issues; from clothing textile waste to the prospect of widespread microfiber pollution (MSF). For the latter, we struggle to even define ...

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Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. The more technical term, costume, has become so linked in the public eye with the term "fashion" that the more general term "costume" has in popular use mostly been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it. For a broad cross-cultural look at clothing and its place in society, refer to the entries for clothing, costume, and fabrics. The remainder of this article deals with clothing fashions in the Western world.

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