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Vegetation declining on elephants' migration routes in Namibia

A study based on extensive remote sensing data indicates that vegetation near the migration routes of elephants in Namibia has decreased. Human habitation and fences as well as artificial obstacles of other kinds affect the ...

Policy and farm management help China mitigate climate change

Production of animal protein in China has increased by 800% over the past 40 years, driven by population growth, urbanization and higher worker wages. However, the amount of climate-warming nitrous oxide released from animal ...

The main reasons to switch to a plant-based diet

National Meat Free Week (Nationale Week Zonder Vlees, 7–13 March) is an initiative to reduce meat consumption. Assistant professor Paul Behrens is studying what impact a change in our food consumption would have on the ...

Officials: Avian flu strain at Indiana farm hasn't spread

A strain of avian flu that can cause high mortality rates among birds hasn't spread to neighboring farms since it was confirmed at a commercial turkey farm in southern Indiana, state officials said Thursday.

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