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New microscopy method could improve LASIK surgery

A team of University of Maryland bioengineering researchers have developed a microscopy technique that could one day be used to improve LASIK and eliminate the "surgery" aspect of the procedure. Their findings were published ...

Behind the puppy-dog eyes

Eye contact between dingoes and humans reveals clues of the domestication process.

How virtual reality can manipulate our minds

It is often said that you should not believe everything you see on the internet. But with the advent of immersive technology – like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) – this becomes more than doubly true.

Human language may have started differently than thought

(—A trio of researchers, two with the University of Wisconsin, the other with the University of California, has conducted a study, the results of which suggest that maybe humans did not get a start on language ...

Humans can't resist those puppy-dog eyes

When humans and their four-legged, furry best friends look into one another's eyes, there is biological evidence that their bond strengthens, researchers report.

In learning, communication overrides the 'statistics' of events

It is cultural transmission - the ability to pass knowledge on from one individual to another even across generations - that makes us unique among animals. True, we also learn by observing what happens in the world around ...

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