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Historic Greenland ice sheet rainfall unraveled

For the first time ever recorded, in the late summer of 2021, rain fell on the high central region of the Greenland ice sheet. This extraordinary event was followed by the surface snow and ice melting rapidly. Researchers ...

Study: Africa cyclones exacerbated by climate change

Extreme rainfall in southeast Africa has become heavier and more likely to occur during cyclones because of climate change, according to a new analysis released Monday by an international team of weather scientists.

Artificial hail for more accurate weather forecasts

When the low-pressure system dubbed Bernd decided to park itself over part of Central Europe in the summer of 2021, the hazards associated with excessive rainfall events were made dramatically apparent in the form of the ...

The climate crisis demands courage, not optimism

The No. 1 movie on Netflix in recent weeks has been "Don't Look Up," a fictionalized account of scientists struggling in vain to sound the alarm on a comet that is about to destroy Earth. Using the comet as a thinly veiled ...

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