Why students cheat in online exams

Media psychologists at the University of Cologne have studied how students' individual needs, conceptions and reasons relate to cheating behavior in online exams.

Research offers innovative approach to planar chiral substances

In a recent study, Dr. Vojtěch Dočekal and Professor Jan Veselý from the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, have unveiled a highly efficient method for the preparation of planar ...

Even a single negative review can sink a good product, says study

Online retailers have every reason to be concerned about negative reviews, as they severely reduce the appeal of a product. An extensive study by Marton Varga of Bocconi's Department of Marketing and Paulo Albuquerque (INSEAD), ...

Tracking the migration adventures of Black-winged Monarchs

Black-winged Monarchs (Monarcha frater) are songbirds that live in the rainforests of New Guinea and northern Australia. They feed on insects and belong to the same bird family, Monarchidae, as flycatchers and magpie-larks.

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