Scientists rediscover small Brazil tree, 185 years on

A species of small holly tree that was last seen nearly two centuries ago and was feared extinct has been rediscovered pluckily clinging to life in an urban area in northeastern Brazil, scientists said Tuesday.

Researchers compile world's first 'atlas' of airborne microbes

Bacteria are truly abundant across the Earth's surface, from the soil to the oceans. The microbial population of the air that surrounds us is comparatively unknown, but a research expedition led by PolyU scientists is about ...

High levels of methane in the Nord Stream leak area

The scientific expedition to the Nord Stream leak from the University of Gothenburg has arrived back home. The researchers discovered that the methane levels near the leak were about 1,000 times higher than normal, but it's ...

Capturing ocean turbulence at the underbelly of sea ice

Turbulence in the sea plays a key role in mixing ocean waters and transporting nutrients, heat, and dissolved gases. Sources of ocean turbulence are highly varied and include wind, currents, heating and cooling cycles, and ...

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An expedition typically refers to a long journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose, often exploratory, scientific, geographic, military or political in nature. Expedition may also refer to:

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