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New insights on pest fruit fly species across oceanic islands

Species that are dispersed across oceanic islands can have strong population structures due to genetic isolation. As an example, the mango fruit fly, Bactrocera frauenfeldi, is currently considered to be one of several similar ...

Study reconsiders early evolution of sea urchins

New insight on the origins and early evolution of echinoids, a group that includes the sea urchins, the sand dollars, and their relatives, has been published today in the journal eLife.

A new molecular family tree of grasses

The evolutionary relationships among grasses—including important crop plants like wheat, rice, corn, and sugarcane—have been clarified in a new molecular study of the grass family tree. Having a clear picture of the relationships ...

Shaping the development trajectories of exchange relationships

Researchers from University of Melbourne, ESSEC Business School, and University of Wisconsin—Madison published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that provides fresh insights into some of the underlying processes ...

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