Alpine ginger Roscoea tibetica comprises two species

The alpine ginger Roscoea tibetica Batalin is the most widespread and extensively phenotypic-variable herbaceous species in Roscoea in the Hengduan Mountains. Diverse phenotypic variations in one population and similar habitat ...

Rakali study fills in knowledge gaps

Scientists are filling in the gaps about Western Australia's only freshwater aquatic mammal—the rakali, or native water rat, that colonised Australia over three million years.

New genus of tree hole breeding frogs found in India

Scientists describe and name a new genus of tree hole breeding frogs from India, according to a study published January 20, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by S. D. Biju from the University of Delhi and colleagues.

How coral cures your ills

Next time you successfully fight off a nasty infection, give thanks to the Great Barrier Reef. A dramatic discovery by an Australian team of scientists has revealed that the ability of humans to resist bacterial diseases ...

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