Google hails 'key milestone' in quantum computing

Google scientists said Wednesday they have passed a major milestone in their quest to develop effective quantum computing, with a new study showing they reduced the rate of errors—long an obstacle for the much-hyped technology.

A quantum receiver enhanced by adaptive learning

The quantum receiver is an elementary component in quantum information processing tasks. It aims to extract necessary information from non-orthogonal quantum states. Due to the nature of shot noise, signals carried by electromagnetic ...

Quantum computers in action in chemistry

Quantum computers are one of the key future technologies of the 21st century. Their potential surpasses even the best supercomputers. They have proven to be a powerful tool, in particular for solving complex computational ...

Algorithmic pest control

Machine learning has now been used to identify important pests that can ravage vegetable crops, according to work published in the International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing.

Optical demonstration of quantum fault-tolerant threshold

Dealing with experimental errors, which could occur in every step of quantum circuits, is of great importance, especially in the implementation of quantum computation. Generally speaking, quantum error correction requires ...

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