Our ambiguous world of words

(Phys.org) —Ambiguity in language poses the greatest challenge when it comes to training a computer to understand the written word. Now, new research aims to help computers find meaning.

No 'silver bullet' for science standards

America's K-12 teachers are not fully prepared to meet a new set of science standards, a Michigan State University education scholar argues in Science.

Three of a kind: Revealing language’s universal essence

(PhysOrg.com) -- On the surface, English, Japanese, and Kinande, a member of the Bantu family of languages spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have little in common. It is not just that the vocabularies of these three ...

Why do some languages have more words than others?

Let's get two things straight. Firstly, counting the number of words in a language is no easy feat. And secondly, linguistics expert Kenny Smith is skeptical of the the claim that English has a far larger vocabulary than ...

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