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In search for alien life, purple may be the new green

From house plants and gardens to fields and forests, green is the color we most associate with surface life on Earth, where conditions favored the evolution of organisms that perform oxygen-producing photosynthesis using ...

Supporting the future of Mars exploration with supercomputers

You may have flown a flight simulator in a computer game or at a science museum. Landing without crashing is always the hardest part. But that's nothing compared to the challenge that engineers are facing to develop a flight ...

Microbial food as a food production strategy of the future

The global food crisis is increasing due to rapid population growth and declining food productivity from climate change. Moreover, today's food production and supply system emits a huge amount of carbon dioxide, reaching ...

Juice aces Callisto flyby test

Seven years from now, in April 2031, ESA's Juice mission will fly past Jupiter's moon Callisto, offering scientists a tantalizing glimpse at the mysterious, cratered alien world.

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