Climate change, farmers draining ancient Balkan lake

For millennia, Lake Prespa was pristine. But under pressure from climate change, unchecked pumping and pollution, the prehistoric body of water in southeast Europe is shrinking at an alarming rate.

How economic hardship fuels support for the far right

Globalization and economic hardship related to financial crises are known to have boosted support for far-right parties and socially conservative political agendas aimed at restricting the rights of marginalized groups including ...

Flight from self-employment as UK cost of living crisis continues

New analysis of self-employed people in the UK, co-authored by the University of Liverpool Management School, shows an exodus of those who are full-time or who employ others, while most who remain in self-employment have ...

Chinese economic growth may never recover from COVID—here's why

Many countries have had to navigate the balancing act of keeping the economy alive versus protecting citizens from COVID in recent years. In China, patience with its zero-COVID policy—one of the world's toughest strategies ...

Sudan's gold rush wreaks havoc on health

Sudanese mother Awadya Ahmed has long wondered why her youngest child Talab was born blind and unable to walk; now she suspects the piles of poisonous waste left by gold miners.

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