'Entrepreneurial spirit': A product of nature or nurture?

The concept of cultural entrepreneurship has many facets. It encompasses both the cultural and social impact of entrepreneurial training, and the environmental factors that influence its development.

Unraveling the genetic and environmental influences on trust

Trust, a cornerstone of human interaction, has a significant genetic component, with around 33% of the variation between individuals attributed to our genes, according to new Australian research using data from twins and ...

Reducing PM2.5 disparity in China: Progress and challenges

A pivotal study, published in Eco-Environment & Health, has examined the evolution of PM2.5 pollution disparity in China from 2013 to 2020, revealing both progress and persistent challenges in air quality management.

The psychology of success in data science contest design

In today's data-driven world, holding data science competitions is a popular way to address real-world problems. Companies leverage these competitions to crowdsource solutions and strategically attract potential employees. ...

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