More attention to idioms helps second-language learners

Idiomatic expressions like "kick the bucket" or "send someone packing" constitute a special element of a language, and one that is difficult to learn. This is because the meanings of these idioms cannot be derived directly ...

Dutch construction workers protest environmental rules

Thousands of Dutch construction workers converged on The Hague on Wednesday to protest restrictions they say are crippling their industry, the latest large-scale demonstration against the government's environmental policies.

Maritime industry seeks solutions to limit pollution

Shipowners say they are trying to cut their heavy-polluting industry's impact on the environment by using cleaner energy—but some have stalled over limiting the speed of ships.

Dutch reinforce major dike as seas rise, climate changes

Rising up in a thin line through the waters separating the provinces of North Holland and Friesland, the 87-year-old Afsluitdijk is one of the low-lying Netherlands' key defenses against its ancient enemy, the sea. With climate ...

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